Flower Shop Rebuild

This was a massive renovation we did for Garden Bouquet and Design. We turned an old outboard motor shop into a modern flower shop.   The building is one of the oldest in marquette and was in deplorable condition.  Nothing had been done to it in decades and it was full to the ceilings with vintage outboard motors and trash.

  All three floors were stuffed with motors, parts, broken furniture, clothing, papers, trash, etc.  There was no water to the building, very little electric, no heat system, no insulation, the sewer was collapsed, the roof leaked, the main floor was rotted and the second floor was collapsing from the weight and due to the support walls being removed long ago.  The building was tired and a good candidate for a tear down.

We gave it the full treatment.  Starting with cleaning and hauling out the hundreds of outboard motors, 20,000lbs of trash, dozens of gallons of used motor oil and bad gas, and 20,000lbs of scrap metal.

The floors were rebuilt and supported, using a combination of engineered lumber, recycled lumber,  and locally grown and cut timbers.  The walls and ceilings were insulated, drywalled, and finished with American Clay.  We installed a new energy efficient boiler and used cast iron radiators salvaged from another downtown Marquette project.  Every window was replaced with Energy Star rated replacement windows.  We dug up the sidewalk and hooked up the sewer and water.  A new electrical system was installed.